Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Somerset

What is low pressure roof cleaning?

Somerset Low pressure roof cleaning, also called soft washing, or steam cleaning is a safe and effective way to clean your roof without causing any damage to the tiles or the roofing structure.

Although it is possible to clean your roof in Street by the use of a high pressure washer, in general this is far too powerful for the roof and is not recommended. A high pressure washer can break and damage tiles and although it can be great for removing moss, it is not suitable for many types of roofing material, leading to added expense if you then have to replace damaged tiles.

Low pressure roof cleaning Somerset

By contrast low pressure washing is a great way to clean roof tiles safely. . Not only is low pressure cleaning safe and powerful enough to carry out the initial cleaning process  and remove surface dirt, moss, lichen and algae, it enables a cleaning solution to be delivered straight to the roofing thus offering added protection for the future. roof cleaning service in Bridgwater.

Somerset Low pressure roof cleaning is not something that is easily carried out by the householder. Most roofs are high and difficult to reach and unless you invest in scaffolding and other professional equipment, the cost is prohibitively expensive.

The easiest way to carry out low pressure roof cleaning is to call in the services of a professional, like roof cleaning service in Bristol. That way you can be confident of professional results, carried out safely and within a minimum time frame.

Roof cleaning is a dirty and time consuming job that can be dangerous. Working on your roof comes with the risk of falling and if you decide to follow up your low pressure clean with a chemical biocidal treatment this can be hazardous to health and wildlife unless precautions are taken.

A professional roof cleaning service in Taunton is fully equipped and trained in all aspects of roof cleaning. In addition a professional service will have invested in expensive professional roof cleaning equipment in order to make it easier.

Most professional machines can be operated at ground level via a system of cleaning brushes and extendable water fed poles which means there is minimum disruption to your property throughout the cleaning process.

In addition a fully trained professional will be accustomed to working at height if necessary so can operate the low pressure roof cleaning unit like the V-Tuff steamer by accessing the roof. This is not something that is ever recommended to the untrained person. A professional service will handle any chemical products safely such as biocide and minimise the risk of causing environmental damage or accidents.

Use a local roof cleaning company in Somerset

The great thing about having low pressure roof cleaning carried out professionally in Somerset is that it not only drastically improves the appearance of your property; it prolongs the life of your roof. Try roof cleaning service in Yeovil.

 Once you remove moss , algae, lichen and dirt, and bring your roof colour back to new, you can relax safe in the knowledge that this is one job that you won’t have to do again in the foreseeable future.