Roof and Gutter Cleaning in Street

Roof and gutter cleaning in Street

Street is a great place to live because it has everything going for it, from scenic countryside and attractive properties to shopping! The town has long been the home of the Clarks shoe factory and although this is no longer operational, today thousands of people flock to the Clarks Shopping village in search of a great day out and a bargain!

The Clarks Shopping Village is an outlet for many major brands, including Clark’s shoes, and is a great place to pick up a designer bargain. Unlike most shopping outlets, the Clarks Shopping Village is actually situated on the High Street.

Because of the shopping village, the High Street is home to some great restaurants offering a wide range on international cuisine as well as many independent shops occupying the same location as household names. Street has a cosmopolitan vibe making this small town feel like an upmarket bustling town rather than a sleepy Somerset village.

However Street is not just about shopping. The town got its name because the name Straet which means Roman road passed through the town which was originally called Lantokay. This is the Fosse Way which linked Exeter with Leicester. You can still see some parts of the road in some areas but the Fosse way mainly lives on in place names such as Street.

Despite the shopping village, Street is in the heart of some wonderful countryside. It is near to the Somerset levels so is great for walking and cycling. And there is plenty to do in the area with two swimming pools in town as well as a wealth of interesting historic buildings.

Street is a great place to live but despite all the scenery and the attractions you still have to consider your home maintenance.

Somerset is known for its damp weather and this can have an effect upon the condition of your roof. Moss flourishes in damp conditions causing potential damage to tiles and causing your home to feel damp.

Your gutters too can become easily blocked especially if you have trees nearby which can fill the gutters with debris, causing blockages.

The answer is to call in a roof and gutter cleaning professional.  That way you can be confident that your home not only looks fantastic – roof cleaning really does add the wow factor to any property, you know that you are unlikely to suffer any water damage in the future.

One of the major causes of water damage is due to dodgy guttering and blockages. And if your roof has moss or algae, it will have a detrimental effect upon warmth and may lead to damaged or cracked tiles in the future.

Roof and gutter cleaning is not something that most of us want to spend time on but it is an essential part of home maintenance and is not something you can do yourself.

Calling in a professional service to clean your roof and gutters will give you peace of mind so you no longer have to even think about it!